Supporting children with medical needs

What should I do if my child has a medical condition?

If your child has been newly diagnosed with a medical condition, or if they have had it for a while, please do make sure you tell us straight away so that we can put in the right support. It's important that you arrange a meeting with us so that we can complete a medical plan. It is also really helpful if you provide us with copies of any medical letters you receive.

Below are some websites which will give you more information about medical conditions.

If your child needs to have medication in school, please see the office staff for a medication form. When the medication is given, we log the time and dosage on our online system (Medical Tracker), which will then notify you.

If your child needs a regular asthma inhaler, please ask the doctor for a spare device and spacer for us to keep in school.

guidance on infection control in schools

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