Church school vision 

Eastoft CE Primary Theological Vision


“Our trust and hope in Jesus inspires perseverance.“1 At Eastoft CE Primary we provide a safe and inspiring environment in which all can flourish. We affirm the hope that Jesus embodies the hope - that the things that challenge in life are not the last word about reality.2 We draw on the message of Jesus, that the road to life can be hard along the way (Matt 7:14) and also his wider story of Jesus, recognising within it the inspiration to persevere: “The drama of his life, teaching, death and resurrection, set within the larger story of God’s involvement with the whole of creation and history, is fundamental not only to affirming the goodness of life but also to facing and finding ways through whatever goes wrong with ourselves and our communities.”3 In this context our shared values and high expectations enable us to strive for our best in all that we do.


We are ‘Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good.4 We reflect on the words of Jesus “I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27b), spoken into an argument about greatness and being the greatest. At Eastoft we believe in service and seek to help everyone know they can make a positive contribution to our world. This can be through courageous advocacy for change in the world, and also through daily and regular acts of care and service for one another. To this end we aim at inspiring each other to service.


Our school is a school that is living in God’s love. As a Church of England school, Eastoft is founded on the Christian belief that: “The ultimate worth of each person is grounded in being created in the image of God and in God’s love and compassion for each.” 5 We note that in the life and work of Jesus, compassion was a strong motivating inspiration – there is a depth to this feeling – and as such we recognise the potential this word has to inspire staff and children to a higher degree of care and concern for one another, inspired by Christ.

Our supportive and caring school community values each person, recognising the principle

of ‘ubuntu’: “I am because you are.”


“Our commitment to the dignity and ultimate worth of each person, rooted in each being

created in the image of God and loved by God, is further shaped by the person, teaching and example of Jesus.”6 Inspired by this Christian vision of the ultimate worth of each person, we ensure all pupils understand, respect and celebrate difference and diversity . Valuing everyone, our creative and engaging curriculum aims to empower diverse voices and widen horizons. We adopt the Archbishop’s description of people, in our own context: “There are no problems here, there are simply people. People are made in the image of God.....The way forward needs to be about love, joy and celebration of our humanity; of our creation in the image of God, of our belonging to Christ – all of us, without exception, without exclusion.”7


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our ethos 

We believe that Christianity is central to our life at Eastoft Church of England Primary School. Our ethos is based upon the Christian values of from which our other values emerge (peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice and respect). Through membership of our school community we hope that our children will discover and experience a Christian way of life. Religious Education is seen as an integral part of school life. RE lessons provide a programme of factual knowledge, skills and ideas which utilise the child’s own ability, experience, knowledge and understanding and interest through observation, questioning and responding.

Through our detailed plan for SMSC education and the importance of fundamental British Values we prepare our children for life in modern Britain.

Opportunities are provided for our children to experience the presence of God through Collective Worship, prayer times, visits and reflection time.

Where issues arise the school will deal with them sensitively in line with our Christian values. We will draw on the church and diocesan resources whenever needed.

We take pride in building positive relationships amongst our family which strengthens our Christian ethos.