Collective worship 

collective worship

At Eastoft Church of England School we believe that collective worship is a focal point, and this is how we begin our school day with a time of reflection and worship.  

Each week we use the programme picture news to look at the local and national stories. Picture news exposes children to a range of current issues including political, religious, social, moral and spiritual. Picture news also makes British values relevant and meaningful.  Picture news also links the theme of the week, to biblical scripture. Picture news gives an opportunity for children to ask and answer big questions. 

We also use Isingpop weekly, the children really engage and enjoy this method of worship. Isingpop focuses on a theme for a whole term for example courage or aspirations. It links to a bible story, and gives children opportunities to reflect and pray. We regularly use the Isingpop songs in our worship sessions. 

For our worship planning we also use the Canterbury diocese collective worship planning, and Roots and Fruits which focuses on each of our school values, as well as the life and teachings of Jesus. 

Each week our Friday worship, is a celebration worship which allows us to celebrate the achievements of the children in school. This year we are also inviting children to bring in achievements from home to share with others during celebration worship. 

We are lucky to have Open the Book to visit worship twice a half term from Epworth Methodist Church, who come and tell the children Bible stories through a multi-sensory approach. 

Our collective worship is based on a creative approach and allows opportunities for storytelling, poems, photographs, paintings, as well as time for reflection and prayer. 

The contribution of our children in collective worship is an embedded and fundamental part.

We have a group of worship leaders, who lead worship once a half term. They also lead songs, and prayers as part of worship. 

Here are some of the songs we enjoy singing in worship